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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Day Numero Uno

Today is my very first Snow Day of the school year. I wasn't really expecting one, but woke up to a 5:22am phone call from our county's all-call system saying that schools were CLOSED. Back from break for one day and -bam- Snow Day! This is actually one of the reasons that I love being a teacher, besides my adoration for young minds and summer vacation, of course.

Supposedly more snow is expected on Thursday, though I trust the local meteorologists about as much as I trust my son around a Christmas tree. And that's not saying a whole lot.

And, now for some complete random things I've been meaning to tell you...
  1. I am obsessed with scarves lately, and accessorize with them daily because I think they add instant pizazz to an otherwise lame outfit. Plus, they keep my neck snuggly warm. Some of you asked where they were from, so here ya go: the purple scarf seen here is from Target, the zebra print scarf is from Walmart (for $5!) and this grey one is from Old Navy. I would recommend the Walmart ones, as they're cheap, have lots of patterns, and are long and wide.
  2. I have one and only one New Year's Resolution. Here it is: SIMPLIFY. I want my life to be easier, simpler, stress-free-er. To kick of 2010, I began by detoxing our otherwise extremely toxic basement and threw away a five-foot-pile-o-junk. One garbage day, it looked like we were moving. I don't even know how the clutter began, but our basement looks better already and its orderliness makes it a little more appetizing to stay on top of the laundry. I hope it has a trickle-down effect to other aspects of my life.
  3. I was talking with my friend, Rachel, about our bloglives, and how we both were kind of going through a blog slump. Or a blump, if you will. And she said something so true: How can I blog about it if I'm out living it? I couldn't agree more. Admittedly, I've posted just to post before. Not because I had something worthy of writing about, but because I felt I had to do so out of obligation. That's the wrong way to blog, and I vow that I will live it rather than blog about it more often.
  4. We're having car drama again. Both cars this time. VW is about to lose our brand loyalty.
  5. I gave Beckham his first time-out today. He's been doing this hitting thing, but I wasn't sure if it was malicious or not. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt and calling them love taps instead. And then, when I told him NO about something or other, he bonked me in the head with the remote control. TWICE! So, I made him sit in his rocking chair for 1 minute while I stood over him looking out of the corner of my eye. He was smiling behind his paci and I don't known if he knew he was being punished or not. I think he thought it was a game. After a minute was up, I explained the no hitting mommy rule and tried to coax a sorry out of him. For kid that's never been spanked, I have no clue where the hitting comes from. Is this a developmental thing that I can chalk up to 18 months?

Oh, yes. Lest I forget to tell you that I will be working with Duet Diva and Brit on an upcoming blog assignment. Check back later for details. {Spoiler: it totally has something to do with Jake and 25 lucky ladies!} And, in the meantime, go follow me on Twitter @babblingabby!

Stay warm!


Gina said...

Lo started hitting at 18 months. I hate to tell you this, but at 33 months, it is JUST now starting to fade. And we never spanked him, so I chalk it up to a developmental thing.

We started cleaning out our basement this weekend too. I gotta say, it felt goooooood.

We are hoping for a snow day here on Thursday as well. It was quite the hot topic at school today!

Christa @ Little Us said...

You can def chalk it up to age! Even though my little guy hasn't made his arrival yet, although he will soon (17 days!!) I have A TON of siblings and Ava who's 22 months is quite the hitter. I'll grab her one hand and she'll swing around to knock me out with the other luckily I'm quick and I'll block the second attempt but as soon as I let go she runs around behind me and punches me in the back. Sneaky little devil. It's lovely!

Nat said...

I have a scarf obsession too, I'm afraid I over wear them, haha.
I'm trying not let my blog give me guilt but for some reason it still does, I like your outlook!
Sorry to here about the cars, cars troubles are the worst and how are they so freaking expensive to fix?!

The Ossege Family said...

Definetly an age thing...Austin has been going through it for awhile now. The girls are sooooooo tired of getting hit in the head with his play tools.

Here's hoping for a white-out tomorrow!