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Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Post of the New Year!


I didn't wear the sequined number, if you've been sitting around refreshing BabblingAbby for the past three days hoping I would upload pictures, which you probably weren't doing since there were other things to do like watch the latest episode of Jersey Shore or you know, celebrate the new decade . Anyway, I opted for a different grey, balloony-like dress instead. It kind of matched what B wore, though I did not factor that into my decision to wear it whatsoever. Promise.

We traveled to The 'Ville for a couples wedding shower for one of my sorority sisters. It was basically a night for all of my closests to get together to catch-up and drink white sangria (delish! in case you wanted to know) and for our boys to watch lots of football. Because you know they all wanted to be at a couples wedding shower on New Year's Day when the Sugar Bowl is being played. Becks went to his Nana M's and played the Wii. He's electronically-savvy like that.

And now for a picture montage that you probably have zero interest in.

These two lovely ladies are officially off the market (Katie K. & Allison) as of late, and both were in my wedding and tolerated me enough to live with me at some point during our college career. Allison and I were roomies for 3 out of 4 years. She tolerated loved me a lot.

All (or most) of my besties are pictured below (missed you Mer Mer!). Katie and I are practicing the well-known sorority squat since we weren't making the picture on either end. Or maybe just because we wanted to do the sorority squat. There were about a half-dozen men on the other side of this picture, manning the cameras - a position they are relinquished to when we get together en masse.

This is me and Dr. Katie. Also in my wedding. Also conspired with Allison to steal my makeup and markers lived with me. She will also be Becks' future pediadontist when she finishes her residency. This is me and Laurann, half of the couple whose wedding shower we attended. She lives in CA, though hasn't been fortunate enough to run into Heidi and Spencer. Darn.

Do you recognize this beautiful face? That's because she blogs over at here about her life with her two handsome men.

Lastly, just wanted to remind you that The Bachelor starts tomorrow. Kind of excited about it. I also go back to school tomorrow (boo). It also January 2010, which is CrAzY.

Hope all is well in bloggy world! Night, BFFs!


Brit said...

Love the gray dress. All of you girls looked so pretty and looks like you had so much fun. The only thing that was missing in that sorority squat was the diamond....that would have completed it for sure. =)

Hollie said...

you looked beautiful, of course! looks like a great time with friends. :-)

i guess we're both headed back to work this week...ugh!

Shubs said...

How fun that you got together with all these girls! Can I admit to you (without being totoally creepy)that I have a distinct memory of you ADPi girls dancing and singing on the tables one night at Two Keys to the song "Bananas" by Gwen Stefani? Perhaps you're now totally weirded out that I remember this without actually having met you-hopefully we can still be BFF's?

Lindsay Alexander Photography said...

Oh this made me miss everyone SOOO much. WHY CANT I LIVE CLOSER???

You all look beautiful!

Mer said...

Missed you too Abs! Sad I couldn't come :( You look great in the pics!! And, eh em - I need some credit for stealing your markers and make - up too!! xoxox Mer

Nat said...

You and B look so cute! I love getting to spend time with my girlfriends! It looks just like my friends girls in the kitchen, boys in front of the TV!